Our Products

Dazzling Deco hand makes custom flowers from various card stocks and colors into dazzling masterpieces. One of our most popular items are the floral walls. Each petal and leaf is carefully cut into the floral shape, then hand shaped and glued together piece by piece to create an elegant, beautiful flower. Upon completion of the individual flowers, we strategically place each one into luxurious arrangements. Through the silky smooth petals and dazzling decorative touches in each center, this effortlessly flowing arrangement is guaranteed to be a show stopper.

Adding to our collection of paper flowers, we also create custom letters and signs for private events, homes, and weddings. Each letter is hand cut to the desired font, then ornamented with small sized paper flowers. Tailored to your needs, these unique letters and signs will personalize any room or event.  They are perfect for a baby or toddler’s room, sweetheart table at a reception, or engagement pictures… the possibilities are endless.

Our Story

Dazzling Deco was established in 2016 with one mission: to bring a real, high quality paper flower backdrops and decor rentals to the Orlando area. Our passion for excellence is what inspired us to start our family owned business of making unique, hand-made pieces, and it continues to drive us each day. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and have developed great relationships with long-standing clients because of it. Come see for yourself what makes our Paper Floral Walls & Décor rental service different from the rest.

Our Team

Jane Kotzalov, Owner

Hey all! I'm Jane. Paper Flower Entrepreneur & Nurse. I love social media marketing, and pintrest surfing for hours at a time. I am always coming up with new ideas and love working with my parents on this business. Also, I'm the biggest sucker for weddings. I'll sob at a total strangers love story <3 


Nasi Kotzalov

Nasi here! I'm super detail oriented and love organizing/decorating for weddings & parties. My style is classic, clean, and traditional. On the side, I'm a nail technician so clearly I love working with people and making them happy! 

Roumen Kotzalov

I'm Roumen. I am the architect and designer of the products and paper flowers. I have been in construction and remodeling my entire life, so this is a true passion of mine. Working with my family has been a great way for us to bond and I love having this opportunity to work together. 

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